Our Services

Eurasia Invest Advisory is an independent advisory focusing on cross border transactions involving China.

With deep understanding of business environment and market practices in both Europe and China, significant investment banking experience, and a network of dedicated partners, we are able to provide comprehensive and unparalleled advice satisfying your needs in planning and executing cross-border projects involving China.

We assist our western clients in defining their development strategy in China, creating JV with Chinese partners, disposing western assets with significant China angle to Chinese buyers and acquiring businesses in China. We act as advisor to Chinese corporates and sponsors in their search for western business partners and acquisition of valuable western businesses.

Our offer covers notably: market analysis, identification of potential credible partners, documentation in two languages, initiating contact, bridge in a bilateral discussion or during a competitive process, valuation, structuring, financing and closing.  Given the challenges and the importance of the integration post transaction,  we also provide assistance during the transition period, including talents search and direct involvement to help bridge the dialogue between western and Chinese teams.

Our offer is completely tailored to your needs and will be charged according to the complexity of the project. Our remuneration is mainly based on time invested through an hourly-fee or a monthly package as mutually agreed. Our objective is to help our clients rationalize investment and maximize value creation.


Our Offer

Market Analysis

  • China angle analysis

  • Competitive landscape

  • Regulatory environment


Potential Partners

  • List of potential credible partners

  • Analysis of the strategic angle

  • Teaser
  • Initiating contact

Management Presentation

  • Documentation in two languages

  • Set up of meetings / Roadshow

  • Bridge the communication

  • Site visits

Structuring, Negotiation

  • Management of due diligence

  • Valuation

  • Structuring

  • Assistance in the negotiation

Financing, Closing

  • Assistance in the financing

  • Close follow-up on regulatory approval

  • Closing



  • Defining integration plan

  • Talents search

  • Direct involvement during the transition

  • Language and culture coaching